How to Put Together a House Flip Crew

+-*How to Put Together Your House Flip Crew To Do More & Better Flips! If you do it right, flipping houses can be one of the most reliable and satisfying ways to make a lot of fast money. However, if you’re just getting into house flipping for the first time, it can be tough to know where […]

Lima One Capital versus Traditional Hard Money Lenders

+-*Lima One Capital Vs. Traditional Hard Money Lenders and Hard Money Brokers With its equity-based hard money lending, Lima One Capital is revolutionizing residential real estate with its commitment to customer success and with its efficient investment-minded lending tools. “Our lending model has created a new paradigm for the hard money industry by combining unprecedented customer […]

How Does a Hard Money Mortgage Differ from a Traditional Mortgage?

+-*What is really the big difference between regular mortgages and  traditional mortgages? As restrictions and “red tape” that goes along with traditional mortgage funding are seemingly ever-increasing, many more people are hearing about hard money lending for mortgages. One of the most common questions that many people have is, “What is the difference between a […]


+-*Great Questions & Answers about Hard Money Loans The world of hard money lenders and hard money loans comes with a lot of terminology that is not clear to everyone. Here we will try to explain most terms and most commonly asked questions in our Hard Money Loans FAQ. Hard Money Frequently Asked Questions What […]