Why Use Hard Money Lenders & Hard Loans?

+-*Why You Should Use Hard Money Lenders and hard Loans? As banks are tightening their lending criteria, hard money lenders are stepping up to lend to neglected borrowers. There are many advantages to hard money lending, including quicker loans, less scrutiny of the borrower’s personal financial situation, and less bureaucracy compared to large banks. If […]

Hard Money Loans. Why are “hard money loans” called hard money loans?

+-*As a real estate investor, I have many times wondered why hard money loans are called hard money loans or hard money mortgages, but never bothered to look it up. Today I did and I am here sharing my newly found knowledge. From my experience with various hard money lenders in Atlanta, I thought  one reason […]

Upstate Business Journal – Lima One Capital Aims for Rental Home Lending Niche

+-*This article was featured in the March 20th issue of the Upstate Business Journal. You can find a link to the full article here. Lima One Capital aims for rental home lending niche by Ashley Boncimino After cutting its teeth on loans for the distressed residential real estate market, Lima One Capital is ready for another bite. […]

Lima One Capital Introduces Hard Money Broker Program

+-*Introducing the Lima One Capital Broker Program Calling all brokers! Today, Lima One Capital announces an exciting new Broker Program. We understand how important brokers are in the success of many real estate investors. The ability to secure financing, locate great properties, and keep the project running smoothly is a difficult task that many Brokers […]

Hard money lender expands to Chattanooga, provides loans for home flippers

+-*Lima One Capital was recently featured in a great article. The article details our recent expansion into Chattanooga, Tennessee. Lima One Capital is ready to provide Chattanooga real estate investors with the best available Tennessee hard money loans. Hard money lender expands to Chattanooga, provides loans for home flippers By Chloé Morrison Hard money lender […]

Lima One Capital Hard Money Lender in The Baltimore Sun

+-*“More private lenders looking at real estate With banks still wary, private lending grows: “We’re seeing huge growth”When Diego F. Burneo started buying and renovating homes in 2011, he had to rely on cash to cover expenses, a restriction that slowed his pace and forced him to split profits with a family member. But in November, […]


+-*HOW TO FIND GREAT INVESTMENT PROPERTIES           When aiming for success in the house-flipping business, the most important part is landing the right home.   Without a house, there is no project and, therefore, no profit.  How do you find a house starting at a low enough price to be considered a “good […]

Hard Money Loan Terminology

+-*Hard Money Loan Terms Explained As hard money lenders working in the hard money industry, we use a lot of terms that some of you sometimes not have heard or are not quite sure what they mean, so here we have explained some of the most common terms in the hard money lending industry: Hard […]

What is required to get a Hard Money Loan? Hard Money Lender Lima One Capital Explains.

+-*What is required to get a Hard Money Loan? There is typically less required of a potential borrower when applying for a Hard Money Loan than when applying for a traditional one. Hard Money Loans are different from traditional loans in that lenders focus more on the desirability of the investment property in question than […]