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Origination Fee
Rolled into loan
4% with a $3,500.00 minimum 1.75% with a $1,500.00 minimum 4% with a $3,500.00 minimum 4% with a $3,500.00 minimum 5% with a $4,750.00 minimum
Interest Rate Paid monthly by the borrower 13% NONE 13% 13% 14%
Fully or Partially Amortized
Down Payment Due from borrower at closing 20% NONE None*
*If property owned out-right
20% 20-35%
*Based on credit score
Term 13 Months 1-3 Days 13 Months 13 Months 5 Years
Loan to after-repair-value 65% N/A 65% 50% 65%
Additional or Junk Fees NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE

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We are fully capitalized, pride ourselves in our customer service, and are committed to our promise of absolutely NO hidden fees or junk fees. We close hard money loans fast and offer the most straightforward terms in the industry.

Lima One Capital is dedicated to revolutionizing the hard money industry.  We provide investors with the ability to capitalize on fantastic opportunities in today’s real estate market.  If you are an investor in Norfolk hard money, Virginia Beach hard money, or Richmond hard money we look forward to being your lender in Virginia.

We will offer a variety of loan packages to fit your needs as a real estate investor. Between our Complete Rehab, New Construction, Construction, Cash-Out, Long Term Rental, and Transactional Funding you are sure to find the perfect program to fit your next real estate project. Subscribe to our mailing list here to learn more about our lending in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Richmond.